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The Faculty of General Medicine is the oldest faculty of The University.

Faculty departments are equipped with various diagnostic devices, electronic manuals for practical and individual works. Students are made to learn using traditional methods and modern technology.

Students in the Faculty of General Medicine successfully combine study with non-study activity. One of the most popular festivals is the Faculty's Jopur, which takes place every year. On this day the students participating in the artistic and sports competitions. We meet interesting people.

The graduates of the faculty make their careers in Russia and in foreign countries.

The Faculty of General Medicine is the oldest faculty of The University.

The graduates of the faulté are ready to work as experts in the centers of hygiene and epidemiology and in microbiological and clinical laboratories.

Education takes place for 6 years and includes:
- humanitarian and socio-economic matters,
- mathematics, biomedical and natural sciences subjects,
- professional subjects such as part of clinical subjects and those of medical prevention.

The high quality teaching which is redoubled by the diligent work of the students allows the graduates to become the specialists who always have the demand in the labor market.

The faculty was founded in 1966 due to the lack of pharmacists in the Ryazan region.

The faculty trains specialists who work in phrmacies and in the pharmaceutical industries. The graduates of the faculty can study, test and register drugs, solve problems in medical production and carry out quality control.

The training lasts 5 years. From the 3rd year, students begin to study special subjects: pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical management, pharmacognosy, merchandising in medicine and in pharmacy etc.

The students of the faculty are members of different science clubs, play sports and participate in cultural events of the University.

The faculty was founded in 1991. At the moment more than 1000 dentists were trained in the university. To train high-quality specialists traditional means of education and modern technologies are combined. The training lasts 5 years.

The 1st year study plan includes humanitarian, socio-economic and natural sciences subjects. From the 2nd year we study professional subjects: semiology, dental surgery and orthopedic stomatology, prevention of dental diseases etc.

The faculty includes a few departments and several clinical bases.

During the first years of the studies the students to get acquainted with their future work study the information concerning the formation and development of pediatrics in Russia and abroad and get acquainted with the most main medical and preventive institutions and progress in pediatrics.

The 5 th year students have the practical internship in hospitals. Until today there is a shortage of pediatricians in Russian hospitals and especially in Ryazan hospitals, which is why there is a great demand for these specialists in the labor market.

This faculty was founded in 2004. The main objective of this faculty is to make students learn the methods of psychological counseling, psychotherapy, psychodiagnosis, as well as to learn them to work as psychology teachers in institutions of training. Students also learn the skills to work with the polygraph (“lie detector”).

The training process requires the use of the involves the use of modern technologies, the courses are led by the most famous teachers, the practical work involves the questioning and examination of patients under the supervision of highly qualified doctors.

The Faculty of Teaching Foreign Students (FOIS) was founded in 1992 and trains highly qualified personnel in 8 specialties: "General Medicine", "Pharmacy", "Dentistry", "Pediatrics", "Clinical Psychology", "Business medical and preventive care ”,“ Pharmacy SPO ”,“ Nursing care SPO ”.

During this time, 2,188 foreign citizens from 60 countries of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, America and countries of the USSR have graduated from the university.

Today, FOIS has a high-quality educational process recognized by the international community, based on a unique combination of classical traditions of education in Russia and modern innovations in medical education.

The training is provided according to programs which are the same for Russian and foreign citizens. Classes are taught in Russian or using an English or French translation service.

The best professors of the university (more than 300 doctors and candidates of sciences) participate in the educational process, including those who have the honorary titles of honorary doctor of the Russian Federation, honored worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation. Russia.

Excellent logistical and informational support (30 clinical bases, a library, a simulation training center, a WETLAB educational operating room, a university dental clinic, modern equipment for scientific work) allows you to fully master practical skills necessary for professional and scientific activities. The university has created an electronic educational environment with content in English or French.

The students of the faculty actively participate in the thematic Olympiads, report at scientific student conferences, carry out international internships within the framework of academic mobility.

University graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in residency and graduate studies.

The FOIS has the optimal conditions for the adaptation of foreign citizens to the student environment, to new climatic conditions, to a new language of communication, to the culture of another country, to the educational system and to the international character of groups of students. 'study.

The university has created safe conditions for living, learning and adopting a healthy lifestyle. All foreign students live in comfortable dormitories, use the services of a student canteen, a university student polyclinic, a cultural and leisure center and sports halls. TIMES today - foster tolerance, benevolence and mutual respect among students from different countries and religions.

Foreign citizens actively participate in all university events (review of amateur performances, sports competitions, volunteering actions, May 1 event, etc.)

The Days of National Culture are particularly popular with students, during which they get acquainted with with other Russian students with the history of their states, national customs, costumes, songs, dances and dishes of national cuisine.

Holding these events forms in foreign citizens a sense of involvement in university events and pride in being a student of RyazGMU, allows them to become guides of the Russian language and traditions of Russian culture in their country.